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The mission of the  Environmental Caucus is to educate and mobilize  the citizens of Minnesota​ ​to protect, preserve and  restore the natural environment
​ ​while increasing  participation in the DFL

Member Input Needed!

Submit your suggested resolution here : Resolutions


On February 25th, 2020,  the members of the DFL will gather around the state and one of the things they will do is decide what issues are most important for our elected leaders to work on.  

Every two Years the DFL modifies its platform and action agenda, starting by gathering resolutions from people who attend caucus.  Organizations and individuals often share the resolutions they hope to see passed with like minded fellow citizens around the state before caucuses are held.  The DFL Environmental Caucus does this and we want your input.

Examples of past resolutions that the caucus has supported are here : A video on how to write a resolution is here :

The DFL Environmental Caucus generates resolutions that its members support and which further the goals of the caucus.  We start this process now by seeking resolution suggestions from our members.   A committee of members has been formed, and we will combine and refine and seek the input on the final selection of those the caucus will support from the members. 


We ask that you now suggest resolutions that you believe the caucus should support.   The form that follows has the details needed to help you write a good resolution.  Please help all of us with your suggestion, NOW!

Submit your suggested resolution here : Resolutions








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