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Please contact Governor Walz and Lt. Governor Flanigan and ask that 

the DNR hold public hearings to ensure that Minnesotans are protected
Telephone:  651-201-3400     Toll Free:  800-657-3717 
Minnesota Relay:  800-627-3529     Fax:  651-797-1850 


 "With three permits suspended and three investigations ongoing, it's time for Gov. (Tim) Walz to take this matter seriously and tell his DNR to hold public hearings to ensure that Minnesotans are protected."

Aaron Klemz, spokesman for the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

June 25, 2019


Join us in Solidarity


The DFL Environmental Caucus stands in solidarity with our friends and allies in the Stonewall DFL and the LGBTQ community throughout Minnesota. 


As environmentalists and members of the DFL party, we oppose all forms of oppression and believe resolutely in the advancement of human and environmental rights in our state, including the rights of LGBTQ people to be safe and supported in their communities. Our caucus expects that our officeholders will respect, defend, and wholeheartedly endorse these rights and be responsive to their constituents’ voices.


For these reasons, we echo Stonewall DFL and Minnesota Young DFL in condemning the anti-LGBTQ words and actions of St. Paul City Councilmember Kassim Busuri. His failure to support the City Council’s Pride/Stonewall resolution, taken in context, is inexcusable. The Councilmember disparaged showing support for the resolution as “political.” We recognize that refusing to take a political stand on issues of fundamental rights is functionally the same as denying that these rights exist.


Councilmember Busuri’s homophobic comments on social media further reveal that he does not share our commitment to the rights of LGBTQ people, and that in fact he has supported homophobic laws that threaten their lives and liberty. The Councilmember’s self-serving press statements in response to this controversy disregarded the needs of his Ward 6 constituents and those hurt by his words. They included no recognition of the harm done, no apology, and no promise of action to rectify the situation.


LGBTQ Minnesotans, the St. Paul DFL Party, and the residents of Ward 6 deserve better. The DFL Environmental Caucus calls on Councilmember Busuri to make a sincere apology to those his actions have harmed. We urge him to afford his constituents, especially those in the LGBTQ community, the respect they deserve, and to listen to their demands for better representation on the City Council.


Veda Kanitz, Chair

DFL Environmental Caucus

June 10, 2019
DNC and Climate Crisis

Dear DFL Environmental Caucus Members, 

As you may have read, the Democratic National Committee has notified candidates that the DNC will not hold a climate crisis debate nor will they allow candidates to participate in such debates hosted by other organizations without facing repercussions from the DNC.  The DFLEC has verified the authenticity of this report.

The NY Times


The Hill

Today the DFL Environmental Caucus sent a letter to DNC Chair Tom Perez, DNC Vice Chair Ken Martin, and to our delegation including Ron Harris, J.PBarone, LoriSellner and Elle Zagora asking them to support a presidential climate crisis debate.


We believe this crisis requires direct discussion of difficult issues, and we ask that you urge our delegation and leaders to support a presidential climate crisis debate. Please share this with friends.  Feel free to use our letter as a starting point in crafting your own.


Executive Committee 

DFL Environmental Caucus 

Veda Kanitz, Chair





Letter sent by the DFL Environmental Caucus to 


Tom Perez <>

Ken Martin <>

J.P.Barone <>

Elly Zaragoza <>

Lori Sellner <>

Ron Harris <>


June 10, 2019



Dear Chair Perez, Vice-Chair Martin, Ron Harris, Lori Sellner, Elly Zaragoza, and JP Barone.


As you know, the planet is in a climate crisis, and if we don't talk openly about the issue, who will? We need our candidates to address this openly and provide meaningful solutions. The climate crisis is not a single issue. It is an existential threat that permeates all others and a pervasive economic force that will shape the national agenda for decades. It is a global threat to our national security and the premier health and environmental concern of the century. It is a moral issue that will test the ability of candidates and elected officials to lead.


Thanks to the willful ignorance and dangerous actions of Donald Trump and his party, this is the first election cycle in which climate change and its effects will distinguish an election. Voters understand what is at risk. Democratic candidates know business as usual will not cut it. People know the issue will be, and must be, taken seriously. 


Indeed, Democrats do not need to debate the existence of climate change. We know it is a real and fundamental issue the nation must address now. 


But we do need to discuss and debate the solutions: We need to understand the near and long term threats to specific communities and plan for those threats. How can we harness market forces to hasten the transition away from fossil fuels? Do we need to embrace bridge fuels or should we concentrate on moving right to a carbon-free economy? What about carbon pricing, fee and dividend? And how can we make the benefits of this great transition available to every citizen?  We need to know what the next president believes with regard to these issues, what he or she would do differently, and how those plans would impact the public.  


There is, indeed, a great deal to debate – not just about specific solutions to climate change, but about how we can come together as a nation to secure the future our children and grandchildren deserve. That surely is worthy of debate.


Please help us put climate change where it belongs, front and center in the national conversation for selecting the next President of the United States!




Veda Kanitz, Chair

Environmental Caucus of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

255 East Plato Blvd.