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Major Issues

 Resolutions supported by the DFLEC

In 2018  The DFL Environmental Caucus solicited resolutions from it's members, the Caucus members voted to support the following resolutions and these remain our organizational priorities until we reset them in 2020, many were also supported by the entire DFL.

A. The DFL supports legislation that requires all crude oil pipelines transiting Minnesota to have Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), to have financial assurance for spill and abandonment cleanup, and respect the right of sovereign nations to determine what construction projects take place in their respective territories 


B. The DFL opposes any effort to circumvent, weaken, or repeal state or federal environmental laws or administrative procedures when such effort jeopardizes environmental regulations, due process, or public participation, and the DFL supports strict enforcement of all such regulations and treaty rights. 


C. The DFL supports regulating the use of pesticides from the neonicotinoid family and labeling treated plants to protect bees and other pollinators. 


D. The DFL finds that copper-nickel sulfide ore mining has unacceptable environmental impacts and should not be allowed in Minnesota until such time as it is proven that similar mines in the US or Canada have operated for at least 10 years and been closed for at least 10 years in a water-rich environment without resulting in acid mine drainage or pollution of surface water or groundwater. 


E. The DFL Party opposes any proposal that would impose pollution and costs for cleanup of pollution on future generations. 


F. The DFL supports legislation that puts a steadily rising, revenue-neutral fee on carbon that returns all revenue to households in monthly dividends to reduce our carbon footprint,stimulate the economy, reduce carbon emissions, and improve health. 

G.The DFL supports a constitutional amendment establishing that corporations,companies, and other artificial entities have no constitutional rights and are subject to regulation to limit or prohibit contributions and expenditures, must publicly disclose any such contributions and expenditures, including contributions to influence elections for public office or ballot measures thus ensuring that the spending of money to influence elections is not speech under the First Amendment. 


H. The DFL supports amending MN laws to remove the power of eminent domain for crude oil pipelines and mines. 


I. The DFL supports programs that identify communities that are disproportionately impacted by environmental pollution, and which fully engage the communities in the process of seeking equitable solutions. 


J.The DFL supports funding and legislation to impose new regulatory mandates and incentive-based measures to improve monitoring and assessment, restoration, and protection of Minnesota’s surface waters. 


K.The DFL Supports sustainable farming: with education, promotion of local sourcing of food, incentives for urban agriculture and community farms, and the elimination of subsidies for corporate farms.