DFL Environmental Caucus Meeting Minutes 7/19/20


Attendance: Veda Kanitz, Brian Swancutt, Kristin Larson, Steve Johnson, Wesley Sission, Greg Laden, Matt Doll, Molly MacGregor, Megan Bond, Barb Crow, John Wells, Phillip Adam, Steve Johnson, Lorraine Rovig, Hallie Finucane, Lawrence Sandoval, Cecily Harris 

  1. Motion to approve the agenda 

    1. Moved 

    2. Seconded

    3. Motion passed unanimously 

  2. Motion to adopt the minutes from the June 9th meeting 

    1. Moved 

    2. Seconded 

    3. Motion passed unanimously 

  3. Getting to know you 

    1. Phil interviewed by Cecily

    2. Larry Baker interviewed by Andy 

    3. Megan interviewed by Steve 

    4. Barb Crow interviewed by Greg Laden 

    5. Matt Doll interviewed by Kristen Larsen 

    6. Hallie interviewed by Molly 

  4. Treasurer’s Report- Lawrence 

    1. Not much more activity since last report

    2. Balance: $1515.37 

      1. Going to be the same as on the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board report the goes out tomorrow 

    3. Fundraising 

    4. Motion to accept and file the Treasurer’s report 

      1. Moved 

      2. Seconded 

      3. Motion passed unanimously 

  5. Membership Director Report- Barb 

    1. 890 to 1025 members in the past year

    2. Members in good standing- 109 

  6. Membership Survey Results and Discussion 

  7. Campaign Committee 

    1. Squad sheet- give hours to our endorsed candidates! 

    2. CD forums are in the works- stay tuned for more details! 

    3. DFL Environmental Caucus Candidate Forum with Reed Perkins (SD1) and Jen McEwen (SD7). Wednesday, July 29th

    4. DFL Environmental Caucus Candidate Meet and Greet- Thursday, July 30th @7:00pm with 

      1. Tawnja Zahradka, CD6

      2. Anne Claflin HD 54A

      3. Ann Mozey HD 39A

      4. Josiah Hill, SD39

      5. Kelsey Waits, HD 54B

    5. Motion for board to match funds of up to $500 to become a sponsor of the MCEA fall gala 

      1. Moved 

      2. Seconded 

      3. Passed 

  8. Announcements 

The 3rd Summit for Civil Rights will be held remotely and hosted by the Workers’ Rights Institute at Georgetown University Law School in Washington, DC, and the University of Minnesota Law School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 30 and 31.https://summitforcivilrights.org/



DFL Executive Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 27   Approved

6 - 8:00 pm


Present: Phil, Larry B. Megan, Barb, Hallie, Cecily, Andy, Veda, Greg, 

Molly, Lorraine, Brian, John

  1. Welcome and ice breaker

  2. Approval of agenda - msp

  3. Adoption of meeting minutes from July 19  and 2 online votes taken,

    1. 7/21 vote, motion passed 17 yes 3 abstain, 0 no

    2. 7/20 vote to co-host Cargill protest failed: 5 yes, 7 no, 3 abstain

Minutes and votes were both msp

  1. Getting to know you. {30 min}

    1. 6 returning board members. Q and A interacting with partner (5 minutes each)

      1. Cecily interviewed by Phil

      2. Steve interviewed by Megan

      3. Greg interviewed by Barb

      4. Kristin interviewed by Matt 

      5. Molly interviewed by Hallie

  2. Officer reports

    1. Chair

      1. Update on MCEA fundraiser, due to nonprofit status members urged co-host instead of caucus sponsorship, msp to reimburse Veda for $1000 for 4-cohosts groups ($250 each)

      2. Update on membership situation

      3. Ask - attend Aug. 29 SCC meeting

    2. Campaign update - Greg on need for help with candidates who have a primary now and others after, postcard idea shared

  3. Outreach

    1. Molly shared her goals, how to get there, how we can help, Hiawatha project  

  4. Financial planning/fundraising - Lawrence was absent

  5. Communications 

    1. Brian shared some ideas about a newsletter  

  6. Standing Rules shared, changes proposed for email voting procedure and trusted partners - see pages 3-4, motion to approve changes msp

  7. Announcements 

    1. Aug. 29 SCC meeting

  8. Adjournment

  9. Next meeting Sunday, Aug. 30, 6:30 pm


Tentative Caucus Schedule for upcoming year:


  • Sunday: 7 pm Sept. 13: 1st meeting, focus on candidates/election (Zoom)

  • Saturday, Nov. 21: 10 am 2nd meeting, shift focus to legislation/education 

  • FebMarch - date uncertain: 3rd meeting with lobby day at the capitol

  • May 15: 4th meeting, in a park with picnic/speaker (if safe)

  • Sunday, June 20: 6 pm Annual Membership Meeting with election of Chair, Vice Chair, Communications Officer, and 8 Exec Committee members at large

  • Continue monthly board meetings, 1st Sunday of the month @ 7pm beginning in October

  • Add forums on key climate and water issues starting in January

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