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Change the World

Updated: Jan 5

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world - Margaret Mead*

Change the world. That’s a tall order but it is what we must do. Our lifeboat is leaking and we are sinking fast. How fast we plug the holes will determine the cost and the fate of our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

The naysayers cry foul. They blame others for the leaks, and claim plugging one hole won’t make a difference. We know better. We know that each of us has a critical role to play and that our actions will inspire others to follow. There is no them, only us. No planet B.

I am, of course, referring to our climate crisis. To the 142 million tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases we pour into the atmosphere every single day, largely from burning fossil fuels, but also from deforestation, feedlots, cement production, and other sources. There is reason for hope. It is a crisis we can solve but it will take every one of us, raising our voice, plugging the holes, speaking truth to power.

What will your part be in this revolution? What personal actions will you take in your own home, your community? How will you move local, state and national governments to act on climate with the urgency required?

The Environmental Caucus received its charter from the DFL in 2015. We have grown to nearly 1000 members from across the state, have a 21-member board, and have become a strong voice for the environment. Most environmental organizations need to stay nonpartisan to keep their nonprofit status. We do not. We are a political action committee committed to electing democratic environmental champions to office!

Here some of the many ways you can help us be an instrument for change:

  1. If you are not already a member, please join the caucus! We are stronger together. We meet quarterly and host forums to help educate our members. Our next meeting is January 11 and will focus on Climate Health Impacts. (Information on meetings is here.)

  2. Attend your precinct caucus on Feb. 25. Bring resolutions to educate caucus goers and build support within the party. (Watch for a list of suggested priority resolutions to be shared with you very soon.) Become a precinct officer and a delegate to your convention. Serve on a committee that organizes the convention (rules, constitution, platform).

  3. Attend your organizing unit’s convention and then your congressional district, and state convention if you can. Become a director or party officer. (An "organizing unit" is usually a state Senate District or County.)

  4. Help get out the vote in your neighborhood and in underrepresented communities.

  5. Volunteer for a campaign. Help elect environmental champions to office!

  6. Join one or more of our active committees by clicking on the link HERE.

The committees include:

  • Arrangements – to help us organize our meetings and the events in which we participate

  • Campaign – to help endorsed candidates get the volunteers and resources they need

  • Communications – to help us connect with members and the public through a wide range of media

  • Education – to gather scientific data and present it in a way that helps the caucus understand the issues and develop science-based positions

  • Endorsements – to recommend endorsements to the board, evaluate our current process and help the board improve its procedures for future endorsements

  • Legislative – to help keep members up to date on legislation as it evolves and keep legislators informed.

  • Membership – to track and build our membership

  • Outreach – to reach out to underrepresented communities, staff booths at events and help candidates

Finally, DONATE to support our work. The DFLEC, an entirely volunteer based organization, does not collect dues from members, but donations are greatly appreciated to help us grow and elect environmental champions to office.

Climate change is not the only issue we work on. There are many decisions being made that will impact the ability of Minnesotans to live, work, and enjoy the natural world for decades to come. Sulfide mining threatens our Northern MN ecosystems. Toxins in the air, soil, and water poison the biosphere. We love our lakes, streams and wild places. We have a lot of work to do, and we need your help.


*This quote is trademarked by the Institute for Intercultural Studies, established in 1944 by Margaret Mead. Recently, on-line commentators have noted that there is no in-print provenance for this quote, but within the field of Anthropology this, and other pithy quotes, are understood to have been uttered by Dr. Mead, at some point in her many public speaking engagements, or to the press.


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