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What Is Sulfide Mining?

Sulfide ores are ores containing heavy metals (such as copper or nickel) that are bonded to sulfur, forming sulfide minerals. When exposed to air and moisture, a chemical reaction generates sulfuric acid that can leach into the surrounding environment and cause the release of the metals into streams and lakes at levels that are toxic to fish and other aquatic life. * This phenomenon is known as Acid Mine Drainage. In a surface mine like the one proposed by PolyMet, * mining leaves huge piles of waste rock and a huge pit exposed to the elements. Like the ore that has been removed, the waste rock and the pit walls contain sulfide minerals. The potential for Acid Mine Drainage and for contamination of surface and ground water by heavy metals remains for centuries, and even millennia, into the future.

Sulfide Mining

Northern Minnesota's Waters and Forests Threatened by Sulfide Mining and Industrial Expansion

Located between the North Shore of Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, the Arrowhead Region is Minnesota's most loved recreation area and a place that millions visit for rejuvenation. This region faces an unprecedented industrial expansion that is certain to affect the qualities that draw people here. One of the worst threats from this expansion is from the mining of sulfide ores, a particularly harmful type of mining that has not been conducted in Minnesota before. PolyMet Mining's NorthMet Mine, located between Babbitt and Hoyt Lakes, is the first of what may become many sulfide mine proposals. 

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Our downstream voices are getting louder! We are so grateful to the people who were willing to speak up with the message that we must stop PolyMet.

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What's New


Court maintains permit stays

Timberjay 10/31/2019, Marshall Helmberger

Judges express concern about Glencore, financial assurance in oral arguments

Minnesota Supreme Court won't take up copper-nickel mining rules

Duluth News Tribune 10/29/2019, Jimmy Lovrien

"As it stands, an unelected official, who is subject to immense political pressure, calls the shots," Marshall said. "This is good for the mining companies but not the people of Minnesota."

Two breaches of public trust getting judicial scrutiny

MinnPost 10/22/2019, Arne Carlson and Paul Ostrow

"The simple fact is that elected leaders from both parties at both the state and city levels have stonewalled the public by refusing to allow public hearings, not answering valid questions and not providing appropriate information."

Arrowhead better served without mineral leases

Duluth News Tribune 10/20/2019,  Kris Hallberg

"From a purely economic point of view, the Arrowhead would be better served by a withdrawal of the BWCAW watershed from mineral leases. The real generator of jobs and income is the region’s amenity-based economy: an economy that is diversified, stable, and sustainable."

Important issues before the Court of Appeals on PolyMet

MinnPost 10/18/2019, Steve Timmer

"This all collided with an initiative from the Minnesota DNR, largely funded by mining interests, trying to show that mercury and sulfates from mining had nothing to do with the fact that you could make thermometers out of the fish from the St. Louis River, and nothing to do with elevated mercury levels in infants along the North Shore, or the fact that wild rice beds were dying."