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What Is Sulfide Mining?

Sulfide ores are ores containing heavy metals (such as copper or nickel) that are bonded to sulfur, forming sulfide minerals. When exposed to air and moisture, a chemical reaction generates sulfuric acid that can leach into the surrounding environment and cause the release of the metals into streams and lakes at levels that are toxic to fish and other aquatic life. * This phenomenon is known as Acid Mine Drainage. In a surface mine like the one proposed by PolyMet, mining leaves huge piles of waste rock and a huge pit exposed to the elements. Like the ore that has been removed, the waste rock and the pit walls contain sulfide minerals. The potential for Acid Mine Drainage and for contamination of surface and ground water by heavy metals remains for centuries, and even millennia, into the future.

Sulfide Mining

Northern Minnesota's Waters and Forests Threatened by Sulfide Mining and Industrial Expansion

Located between the North Shore of Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, the Arrowhead Region is Minnesota's most loved recreation area and a place that millions visit for rejuvenation. This region faces an unprecedented industrial expansion that is certain to affect the qualities that draw people here. One of the worst threats from this expansion is from the mining of sulfide ores, a particularly harmful type of mining that has not been conducted in Minnesota before. PolyMet Mining's NorthMet Mine, located between Babbitt and Hoyt Lakes, is the first of what may become many sulfide mine proposals. 




What's New

Court of Appeals sends PolyMet air permits back to MPCA, says agency should have considered larger mine potential

Duluth News Tribune 3/23/2020, Jimmy Lovrien

The air permits are the latest PolyMet permits requiring further review by the agency that awarded them.

Glencore putting up to $30M more in Minnesota copper-nickel mining project

Star Tribune 3/19/2020, Mike Hughlett

It's money needed to continue fighting legal battles over its proposed copper-nickel mine in northeastern Minnesota. 

DNR requests data from aborted federal withdrawal study

Timberjay 3/19/2020, Marshall Helmberger

Trump administration has fought to keep study results under wraps

PolyMet objects to cameras and recording at permit hearing, fearing 'viral media moments'

Star Tribune 1/16/2020, Jennifer Bjorhus

The Star Tribune will challenge PolyMet's petition, Senior Managing Editor Suki Dardarian said. 

McCollum introduces bill to ban copper-nickel mining near Boundary Waters

Duluth News Tribune 1/15/2020, Jimmy Lovrien

The bill is only aimed at sulfide-ore mining.

Why the Minnesota Court of Appeals’ PolyMet decision is so significant

MinnPost 1/14/2019, Marshall Helmberger

"Taken together, the lawsuits have delayed PolyMet and could force changes to the project. Or, if environmental groups win out, stop the mine altogether."

Court of Appeals overturns key PolyMet permits - Orders contested case hearing

Timberjay 1/13/2020, Marshall Helmberger

I envision that PolyMet’s reclamation plan could work for a while, but I don’t see how it will function forever without falling apart unless it is continuously maintained; which is a major leap of faith… I believe it will eventually fail and release the sulfates.” 

DNR consultant cited in this week's court ruling. 




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