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PAST ARTICLES - History of the fight for clean water

Lawsuit seeks new rules on sulfide mining

Timberjay 6/25/2020, Marshall Helmberger

High court ruling could impact mining regulations

Timberjay 4/29/2020, Marshall Helmberger

Court of Appeals sends PolyMet air permits back to MPCA, says agency should have considered larger mine potential

Duluth News Tribune 3/23/2020, Jimmy Lovrien

Glencore putting up to $30M more in Minnesota copper-nickel mining project

Star Tribune 3/19/2020, Mike Hughlett

DNR requests data from aborted federal withdrawal study

Timberjay 3/19/2020, Marshall Helmberger

PolyMet objects to cameras and recording at permit hearing, fearing 'viral media moments'

Star Tribune 1/16/2020, Jennifer Bjorhus

McCollum introduces bill to ban copper-nickel mining near Boundary Waters

Duluth News Tribune 1/15/2020, Jimmy Lovrien


Why the Minnesota Court of Appeals’ PolyMet decision is so significant

MinnPost 1/14/2019, Marshall Helmberger

Court of Appeals overturns key PolyMet permits - Orders contested case hearing

Timberjay 1/13/2020, Marshall Helmberger

Report required on copper-nickel mining's effect on international waters

Duluth News Tribune 12/21/2019, Andee Erickson

Environmental review

Timberjay 12/18/2019, Marshall Helmberger

Twin Metals submits controversial mine proposal to state and federal agencies

Duluth News Tribune 12/18/2019,Jimmy Lovrien

Bakk: DNR review can’t stop Twin Metals

Timberjay 12/11/2019, Keith Vandervort

Minnesotans must demand answers to key questions about PolyMet

MinnPost 12/6/2019, Arne Carlson, Richard Painter and Chris Knopf 

Minnesota to feds: We'll do our own environmental review of Twin Metals

Star Tribune 11/22/2019,Jennifer Bjorhus

Judge orders search of MPCA computers

Timberjay 11/20/2019, Marshall Helmberger

Court maintains permit stays

Timberjay 10/31/2019, Marshall Helmberger

Minnesota Supreme Court won't take up copper-nickel mining rules

Duluth News Tribune 10/29/2019, Jimmy Lovrien

Two breaches of public trust getting judicial scrutiny

MinnPost 10/22/2019, Arne Carlson and Paul Ostrow

Arrowhead better served without mineral leases

Duluth News Tribune 10/20/2019,  Kris Hallberg

Important issues before the Court of Appeals on PolyMet

MinnPost 10/18/2019, Steve Timmer

Two-year copper-nickel mining study could get new life

Timberjay 10/2/2019, Marshall Helmberger

Federal judge rejects challenges to PolyMet land swap

Star Tribune 10/1/2019, Steve Karnowski, AP

Why former Gov. Arne Carlson, once a pro-business Republican, is now fighting PolyMet

Duluth News Tribune 9/23/2019, Jimmy Lovrien 

Minnesota Court of Appeals suspends two PolyMet permits

Duluth News Tribune 9/18/2019, Adelle Whitefoot 

Local View: Glencore, DNT must take PolyMet concerns more seriously

Duluth News Tribune 9/14/2019 

Ricky DeFoe, Babette Sandman, Skip Sandman, and Stephan Witherspoon

Email release raises new questions on PolyMet, mining regulation

MinnPost 9/13/2019, Marshall Helmberger

In Minnesota, when it comes to pro-sulfide-mining rhetoric, look for what is missing

Duluth Reader 9/12/2019, Carla Arneson

Should we mine copper and nickel in Minnesota … to help defeat climate change?

MinnPost 9/11/2019, Walker Orenstein

Fond du Lac Band, environmental groups sue US Army Corps of Engineers over PolyMet permit

Duluth News Tribune 9/10/2019, Jimmy Lovrien

Just Twin Metals in worries about safety secrecy?

Star Tribune 8/27/2019, Christopher D. Knopf

Concerns about PolyMet very real; time to take them seriously

Duluth News Tribune 8/25/2019, Scott Beauchamp

Elizabeth Warren comes out against Line 3 and Twin Metals, and Minnesota construction unions are not happy

MinnPost 8/20/2019, Walker Orenstein

Ramsey County judge sets rules for inquiry on disputed PolyMet permit

Star Tribune 8/7/2019, Jennifer Bjorhus

Court of Appeals puts PolyMet permit on hold

Timberjay 8/7/2019, Marshall Hellmberg

DNR won't reconsider dam permits to PolyMet

Duluth News Tribune 8/7/2019, Brady Slater

Court of Appeals upholds rules regulating PolyMet

Duluth News Tribune 8/5/2019, Jimmy Lovrien

Clean water or copper mining? More states are protecting vital watersheds

Duluth News Tribune 8/5/2019/2019, David Lien

Twin Metals changes its plan to deal with mine waste — to a strategy lauded by some environmentalists

MinnPost 7/18/2019, Walker Orenstein

EPA pushed for tighter, more enforceable PolyMet water permit

Duluth News Tribune 7/17/2019, Jimmy Lovrien

PolyMet is now owned by Switzerland’s Glencore. Why it matters

MinnPost 6/28/2019, Walker Orenstein

PolyMet permits in doubt? Legislative auditor to review allegations against MPCA

Timberjay 6/26/2019, Marshall Hellmberger

Minnesotans protest planned PolyMet mine at Toronto shareholders meeting

MPR News 6/26/2019, Elizabeth Dunbar

Protesters oppose Minnesota mine at PolyMet AGM in Toronto

CBC News ·6/26/2019

EDITORIAL: An award for polluting

Timberjay 6/26/2019

PolyMet, the EPA, and the accusations against the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, explained

MinnPost 6/21/2019, Walker Orenstein

Federal Watchdog Opens Inquiry into EPA Handling of Minnesota PolyMet Pollution Permit

Star Tribune 6/14/2019, By Jennifer Bjorhus 

EPA Releases Long-Sought Comments on PolyMet Permit

Timberjay 6/12/2019, By Marshall Helmberger

Trump Administration in a Rush to Judgment Over Twin Metals

Timberjay 5/29/2019, By Marshall Helmberger

Court of Appeals Denies Latest Challenge to PolyMet Project

MinnPost 5/29/2019, By Brian Lambert 

After gaining permits, PolyMet leaves some investors in the cold

Hibbing Daily Tribune 5/25/2019, by Aaron Brown

Copper mining dangers: Bold leadership is needed from Walz

MinnPost 4/1/2019, By Gov. Arne Carlson and Janet Entzel


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