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New Report Reveals Inadequate Monitoring and Mitigation Practices at Flambeau Mine

A new report reviewing mining industry practices at the now-closed Flambeau Mine1 near Ladysmith, Wisconsin exposes how crucial environmental monitoring data have been withheld from the public. The Flambeau Mine, considered state of the art by today’s standards, has been promoted by supporters of the PolyMet and Twin Metals projects in Minnesota as an example of a copper mine that operated “without polluting local waters.” Similar claims have been made by proponents of the Back Forty project on the Michigan/ Wisconsin border, the Eagle and Copperwood projects in Michigan, the GTac, Bend and Reef projects in Wisconsin, and the Pebble project in Alaska. It’s as if the Flambeau Mine has become the industry’s calling card.

read the full Moran Report – 2019

Deer Tail Scientific, November 2019


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Our downstream voices are getting louder! We are so grateful to the people who were willing to speak up with the message that we must stop PolyMet.

Duluth for Clean Water


High court ruling could impact mining regulations

Timberjay 4/29/2020, Marshall Helmberger

Court of Appeals sends PolyMet air permits back to MPCA, says agency should have considered larger mine potential

Duluth News Tribune 3/23/2020, Jimmy Lovrien

Glencore putting up to $30M more in Minnesota copper-nickel mining project

Star Tribune 3/19/2020, Mike Hughlett

DNR requests data from aborted federal withdrawal study

Timberjay 3/19/2020, Marshall Helmberger

PolyMet objects to cameras and recording at permit hearing, fearing 'viral media moments'

Star Tribune 1/16/2020, Jennifer Bjorhus

McCollum introduces bill to ban copper-nickel mining near Boundary Waters

Duluth News Tribune 1/15/2020, Jimmy Lovrien


Why the Minnesota Court of Appeals’ PolyMet decision is so significant

MinnPost 1/14/2019, Marshall Helmberger

Court of Appeals overturns key PolyMet permits - Orders contested case hearing

Timberjay 1/13/2020, Marshall Helmberger

Report required on copper-nickel mining's effect on international waters

Duluth News Tribune 12/21/2019, Andee Erickson

Environmental review

Timberjay 12/18/2019, Marshall Helmberger

Twin Metals submits controversial mine proposal to state and federal agencies

Duluth News Tribune 12/18/2019,Jimmy Lovrien

Bakk: DNR review can’t stop Twin Metals

Timberjay 12/11/2019, Keith Vandervort

Minnesotans must demand answers to key questions about PolyMet

MinnPost 12/6/2019, Arne Carlson, Richard Painter and Chris Knopf 

Minnesota to feds: We'll do our own environmental review of Twin Metals

Star Tribune 11/22/2019,Jennifer Bjorhus

Judge orders search of MPCA computers

Timberjay 11/20/2019, Marshall Helmberger

Court maintains permit stays

Timberjay 10/31/2019, Marshall Helmberger

Minnesota Supreme Court won't take up copper-nickel mining rules

Duluth News Tribune 10/29/2019, Jimmy Lovrien

Two breaches of public trust getting judicial scrutiny

MinnPost 10/22/2019, Arne Carlson and Paul Ostrow

Arrowhead better served without mineral leases

Duluth News Tribune 10/20/2019,  Kris Hallberg

Important issues before the Court of Appeals on PolyMet

MinnPost 10/18/2019, Steve Timmer

Two-year copper-nickel mining study could get new life

Timberjay 10/2/2019, Marshall Helmberger

Federal judge rejects challenges to PolyMet land swap

Star Tribune 10/1/2019, Steve Karnowski, AP

Why former Gov. Arne Carlson, once a pro-business Republican, is now fighting PolyMet

Duluth News Tribune 9/23/2019, Jimmy Lovrien 

Minnesota Court of Appeals suspends two PolyMet permits

Duluth News Tribune 9/18/2019, Adelle Whitefoot 

Local View: Glencore, DNT must take PolyMet concerns more seriously

Duluth News Tribune 9/14/2019 

Ricky DeFoe, Babette Sandman, Skip Sandman, and Stephan Witherspoon

Email release raises new questions on PolyMet, mining regulation

MinnPost 9/13/2019, Marshall Helmberger

In Minnesota, when it comes to pro-sulfide-mining rhetoric, look for what is missing

Duluth Reader 9/12/2019, Carla Arneson

Should we mine copper and nickel in Minnesota … to help defeat climate change?

MinnPost 9/11/2019, Walker Orenstein

Fond du Lac Band, environmental groups sue US Army Corps of Engineers over PolyMet permit

Duluth News Tribune 9/10/2019, Jimmy Lovrien

Just Twin Metals in worries about safety secrecy?

Star Tribune 8/27/2019, Christopher D. Knopf

Concerns about PolyMet very real; time to take them seriously

Duluth News Tribune 8/25/2019, Scott Beauchamp

Elizabeth Warren comes out against Line 3 and Twin Metals, and Minnesota construction unions are not happy

MinnPost 8/20/2019, Walker Orenstein

Ramsey County judge sets rules for inquiry on disputed PolyMet permit

Star Tribune 8/7/2019, Jennifer Bjorhus

Court of Appeals puts PolyMet permit on hold

Timberjay 8/7/2019, Marshall Hellmberg

DNR won't reconsider dam permits to PolyMet

Duluth News Tribune 8/7/2019, Brady Slater

Court of Appeals upholds rules regulating PolyMet

Duluth News Tribune 8/5/2019, Jimmy Lovrien

Clean water or copper mining? More states are protecting vital watersheds

Duluth News Tribune 8/5/2019/2019, David Lien

Twin Metals changes its plan to deal with mine waste — to a strategy lauded by some environmentalists

MinnPost 7/18/2019, Walker Orenstein

EPA pushed for tighter, more enforceable PolyMet water permit

Duluth News Tribune 7/17/2019, Jimmy Lovrien

PolyMet is now owned by Switzerland’s Glencore. Why it matters

MinnPost 6/28/2019, Walker Orenstein

PolyMet permits in doubt? Legislative auditor to review allegations against MPCA

Timberjay 6/26/2019, Marshall Hellmberger

Minnesotans protest planned PolyMet mine at Toronto shareholders meeting

MPR News 6/26/2019, Elizabeth Dunbar

Protesters oppose Minnesota mine at PolyMet AGM in Toronto

CBC News ·6/26/2019

EDITORIAL: An award for polluting

Timberjay 6/26/2019

PolyMet, the EPA, and the accusations against the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, explained

MinnPost 6/21/2019, Walker Orenstein

Federal Watchdog Opens Inquiry into EPA Handling of Minnesota PolyMet Pollution Permit

Star Tribune 6/14/2019, By Jennifer Bjorhus 

EPA Releases Long-Sought Comments on PolyMet Permit

Timberjay 6/12/2019, By Marshall Helmberger

Trump Administration in a Rush to Judgment Over Twin Metals

Timberjay 5/29/2019, By Marshall Helmberger

Court of Appeals Denies Latest Challenge to PolyMet Project

MinnPost 5/29/2019, By Brian Lambert 

After gaining permits, PolyMet leaves some investors in the cold

Hibbing Daily Tribune 5/25/2019, by Aaron Brown

Copper mining dangers: Bold leadership is needed from Walz

MinnPost 4/1/2019, By Gov. Arne Carlson and Janet Entzel


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