UPDATE: On Friday, August 7, the MPCA announced on Twitter that they have extended the comment period until September 18 to allow for the public to see and comment on the results of an aquifer test. Thanks for taking action! MCEA's experts will review the results and let you know how you can take further action to defend the fens. 



One in eight Minnesotans drink nitrate-tainted tap water, report says

Star Tribune 1/14/2020 Jennifer Bjorhus 

"Environmental group says Minnesota is on "the brink of a public health crisis."


Gov. Tim Walz seeks $300 million for water, infrastructure projects

Star Tribune 1/11/2020 Matt McKinney

"“This stuff is 100 years old in many cases. It’s not going to get cheaper to do it."


Bemidji officials grapple with water contamination from chemicals in firefighting foams

Star Tribune 11/18/2019 Jennifer Bjorhus 

State finds 56% of Minnesota's lakes and streams are 'impaired'

Star Tribune 11/13/2019 Jennifer Bjorhus 

Cities, Tribes Try a New Environmental Approach: Give Nature Rights

Stateline, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts 10/30/2019 Alex Brown 



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